Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

MortarMend is a newly developed treatment for weak mortar, in liquid form, which is non hazardous, has low toxicity and is environmentally friendly.

What is it used for?

Uses include:
• Hardening and strengthening of weak mortar on brick constructions when mortar is either soft or does not comply with building standards.
• Clear, colourless application for concrete, brick, stone or rendered surfaces.
• Clear colourless application for roughcast surfaces to prevent emission of dust.

What are the benefits?

• Cost effective.
• Simple application
• Removes the need to Rake and Repoint mortar thus avoiding any large levels of dust and grit, which has now been identified as a potential carcinogen (cancer agent).
• Avoids any potential damage to established trees, shrubs or gardens in close proximity to the treated area.
• Reduced process time.
• Minimal disruption to the household.

How long is it effective?

Mortarmend is Guaranteed for a period of seven years for a full reapplication.

How is it applied?

It is applied to a clean surface using a brush, roller or spray - whatever is the most appropriate for the conditions. Usually two coats are applied to ensure satisfactory hardening.

How long does it take to apply MortarMend?

Most homes can be completed in less than one day.

How do I arrange a quote or request further information?

By providing some brief details on our CONTACT US page.

Is MortarMend available throughout Australia?

Mortarmend is currently operating in Victoria and Queensland. However we welcome enquiries for other areas of Australia and in most cases we can arrange quotes and application.

Should I consider a chemist's report on my mortar?

Yes. This will assist MortarMend Pty Ltd to ensure that our product will chemically react with your mortar effectively.

How do I arrange such a report?

MortarMend Pty Ltd can arrange an independent report from one of Australia's leading industrial chemists. Please provide details on our contacts page.