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"Making existing

 mortar compliant"

In the past, when mortar was found to be soft or non-compliant, we had only two options. The first was to completely demolish the wall and re-build. This of course was expensive, time-consuming, and very disruptive.

The second was to rake and repoint. This method also created unwanted problems, such as generating large levels of dust and grit. The result of this has now been identified as potential carcinogens [cancer agents]. In addition, this method is also expensive, disruptive and involves removal of down pipes etc. and likely damage to surrounding gardens and shrubs.

Both options created unnecessary problems for both builder and owner.

As a result, MortarMend has been developed to avoid all the above problems.

MortarMend is a quick, less expensive, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product, which is applied to non-compliant mortar.

Sharp and Howells

If your mortar is weak it can be prone to further weather corrosion and be labelled non-compliant. Visit our Endorsement page to learn more about MortarMend and our quality solution to non-compliant mortar.

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Also visit our FAQ section to help answer commonly asked questions about non-compliant mortar and MortarMend the product.